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psuedo femme fatale
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Beauty and the Beast: intimacy
When I'm supposed to be studying for mid-year exams, I found myself making icons of these adorable and absolutely delightful BJDs (ball-jointed dolls) instead. Thank you, and in courtesy of their owner, kd_230692- I hope you don't mind me using them in such a way!

001-024: BJDs

No, I take that back. In the whole <i>united</i> states. Have you seen Alan Gray try to eat a sandwich?Collapse )
20th-Jan-2009 06:10 pm - Tutorial
James Dean: contemplate
Another tutorial. I do not understand what has overcome me recently. Or maybe I just wanted a whole makeover for this account. Seems like I'm gradually becoming more productive. How funny, seeing as school is near. Well, another tutorial, however inconceivable.


See, he and the pickle like each other!Collapse )
Audrey Hepburn: reminisce
So I got bored, real and made some icons. Hope you like. Comments/credit would be nice.

001-006: Naruto
007-026: Ferris Bueller's Day Off
027-028: Disney

Well well, looks like the bulimia has paid off. What, can't afford to buy her a whole dress?Collapse )
Anti-Twilight: Renesmee
001-015: Naruto
016-021: Amelie
022-027: Gaspard Ulliel
028-031: Requests

001: Naruto
002: Smallville

My friend's hair resembles Spongebob's house!Collapse )
15th-Mar-2007 09:04 pm - Icon post slash requests
SasuSaku: devotion
I wished more people responded to the icon post I wrote ages ago. But who am I to demand such a thing? Oh well, another post (when was the last time I actually made some batches?) and the 'requested' icons.

Requests only apply to: tokyo_gurl, dark_moon_angel, pinkified. If you'd like an icon yourself, just comment on this page and I'll see to it!

001-023: Naruto
023-029: Looking for Alibrandi
030-031: Miscellaneous
032-035: Icon Requests:

I'ts not like I go up to white and go, 'oh you're white? I love Michael Jackson'Collapse )
10th-Feb-2007 07:49 pm - Righteo, chaps.
Naruto: HakuZabuza
So my icon-making muse has kicked back in, and I decided to join the bandwagon. Yes, you know, the whole request-an-icon post? Getting my drift, right? So in a nutshell:


Gaspard Ulliel: stare
just a few random icons i made during from the last icon post to now. you should know the rules by now. you know...-comment if snagging (or not), and above all, credit. :)

Random icons made during the time period of the last post to now. Credit/comments will be loved. :D

001-015: Naruto
016-023: Miscelleanous
Sweet sweet memories, of things that we said, that we did.Collapse )
20th-Jan-2007 10:24 pm - First tutorial.
Ferris Bueller: wait
Holy carp, did I just write out a tutorial? Looks like I did. Well's its pretty simple, just showing how to make an icon like this:

Edit: Due to loss of certain textures uploaded on my Photobucket account, the usage of said texture may be the accurate ones. Sorry about that!

How do you put an elephant in a fridge in just three steps?Collapse )
18th-Dec-2006 12:29 pm - The big one.
James Dean: eye
Okay, so I attempted to make some collages. Not the best, but nonetheless, displayed in this post.

001: Bleach
002: Card Captor Sakura
003: Naruto
004: My Chemical Romance
005: Miscelleanous

Don't let me be the last to knowCollapse )
10th-Dec-2006 09:20 pm - 003
James Dean: contemplate
It has been awhile. Yes, it is overly dominated by Naruto (I take my fandoms too seriously sometimes).

001-051: Naruto
052-054: Fruit Baskets
055-058: My Chemical Romance
059-062: Misc (i.e. Carrie Underwood, Olsen Twins)

Wishing you a terrible Christmas, and a crappy new year.Collapse )
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